Debian Robotics Project

The aim of this project is to build the needed packages to use a Debian box in a robotic environment. We are specially focused to backporting the Debian official ones to use in a Debian Stable. The list of packages may change during the time, by now, we are mainly concentrated in ROS with all the satellite programs.

To use the packages it is better to add bullseye-backports in your sources. Also, add this two lines to your sources.list:

   1 # Debian-robotics
   2 deb bullseye-robotics main
   3 deb-src bullseye-robotics main

Also, the corresponding gpg key:

   1 apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 63DE76AC0B6779BF

All the packages in this repository has the ~drpXX suffix in the version number, where XX is the Debian stable version. In the case of Bulleye is 11.

Packages Backported to Bullseye Robotics

Currently ALL the official list of packages mentioned here are built and ready to install in Bullseye. Also, the prospective packages in "Functional shape" are included (marked with blue Status).

The packages backported can be:

Two important changes done with respect unstable/testing versions

The repository also include backported versions from the archive of:

Also, there are another extras packaged, not in the archive but interesting as:


Debian Science Team or the Robotics Team cannot make the nearly 1600 packages that ROS has for Debian with requirements in the Policy. The original Ubuntu package includes valuable information about the requirements for building and running the package. No need to reinvent the wheel.

ros4debian , is a python program that from the original debian directory provided by upstream, parse the control file to obtain the Build-deps and the Depends field to generate a new one a bit more polished, but using the Debian ones in the archive.

A long set of packages created using that tool and patched can be used. The sources are here. To use the generated packages add:

   1 # ros4debian packages
   2 deb bullseye-ros4debian main
   3 deb-src bullseye-ros4debian main

to your sources list. You need the bullseye-robotics mentioned below.

An special note about using ros4debian packages

They are generated and patched to be built in a Bullseye. Use at your own risk. If you find any bug in any of the bullseye-robotics feel free to put an issue at