Physics tools

Particle Physics

Fluid Dynamics

See also DebianScience/Engineering

Condensed Matter

Crystal Structure calculation

See also DebianScience/Chemistry

List_of_quantum_chemistry_and_solid_state_physics_software has a list of software - both free and commercial.

Electromagnetism and Optics

Structure Visualisation

See also DebianScience/Chemistry and OpenScience > Chemistry > Molecule Viewers and Editors

Scanning probe microscopy


X-ray diffraction

X-ray Fluorescence

Supporting Packages

Peak Fitting

Data Acquisition

See DebianScience/DataAcquisition and

Numerical Computation (MATLAB/IDL like)

Computer Algebra Systems

See DebianScience/ComputerAlgebraSystems for a comparison of some of these.

Image Analysis

See for applications to extract quantitative data from images.

Physics tools that could be considered for inclusion in Debian

Tools with unofficial .deb

Structure Determination

Physics tools that cannot go to main for licensing reasons