This page is a draft of the latest "Bits from debian-science" which will be posted to debian-devel-announce. You are encouraged to add to it if you have some news that doesn't merit a posting to debian-devel-announce on its own.

What is debian-science

Debian science aims to improve the experience of scientists using debian.


Tasks web pages

Someone write something here.

Package Classification / Debtags

There has been some discussion on the mailing list [ ] about classifying packages. Debtags seem to be the solution, but clearer guidelines for how to apply the current vocabulary are needed, and more vocabulary is needed for detailed classification.

Wiki Pages

Some progress has been made bringing the wiki pages up to date. More work is needed here.

News from Debconf

Fill your news title in here

How can I help

If you are a scientist using debian, please consider joining in. There are lots of things you can do even if you are not a debian developer.

For example: