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## page was renamed from DebianScienceLiveCD
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== Live CD that already exist == == Scientific Live CDs that already exist (pionneering works) ==
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 * [http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2007/08/msg00046.html PaiPix], now based on DebianLive
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=== debian-live ===
See DebianLive

Pros :
 * 100% Debian
 * Used also by DebianEdu and DebianGis (TODO: provide the relevant links)
Cons :
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== More about Knoppix == ==== More about Knoppix ====

This page discusses the possible ways to build a ["LiveCD"] for DebianScience.

Scientific Live CDs that already exist (pionneering works)

CD or DVD ?

Should we put all the scientific tools on one single CD? If yes, then [http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2005/07/msg00003.html a DVD should be more sensible].

Otherwise, if we want to stick to CD, maybe several thematic CD sets could be build.

Available tools that could be used for building live CD


See DebianLive

Pros :

Cons :


[http://www.knoppix.org/ Knoppix]

Pros :

Cons :

  • Not 100% Debian (specific kernels and configuration packages).
  • The knoppix mastering scripts and configuration packages have not yet been ported to Debian.

More about Knoppix


[http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dfsbuild.html dfsbuild]

Pros :

Cons :


[http://debix.alioth.debian.org/ debix]

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