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   * ["DebianScientificComputingTeam"] Computational science.

Debian sub-projects related to science

On this wiki

  • DebianEdu

  • DebianGis

  • DebianMed

  • ["DebianScience/Biology"] - An effort to package software related to molecular and computational biology.
  • ["BOINC"]
  • ["pkg-escience"] Effort to provide DFSG-compliant Java packages for service-oriented Grid computing and workflow specification with [http://www.mygrid.org.uk ?MyGrid], [http://freefluo.sf.net Freefluo] and [http://taverna.sf.net Taverna].

  • ["?DebianScientificComputingTeam"] Computational science.

  • ["fortran90compiler"] for Fortran support

On Alioth

Some Debian maintainers of scientific tools