Contributing To Debian Science

In order to federate work around science packages for Debian, an Alioth project has been created.

Services for developers


Since there are many different specialties in Science, we tried to separate package into specialties. By default, packages goes into Debian Science.

Please note that chemistry/biochemistry and medical free software are already handled by two other debian projects:

Version control system of Debian Science

For now, Debian Science uses two VCS. The developer is free to use one or the other.


This VCS is split by category of Science. Original list from Science Blend

The SVN repository is available on this URL: svn://


We have also a GIT service hosted here: alioth:/git/debian-science

If you want to have package foo in a debian-science git repository, please put it in alioth:/git/debian-science/packages/foo.git

For more info, see threads about workflow and converting from svn

Group Policy

The group-policy is online at

Its source is stored in a git repository:

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ make (Needs xmlto)

The draft of the policy will then be built to debian-science-policy.html.

If you make changes, push them back to this repository. Also, for the changes to appear online:

$ make publish