Classification of scientific software in Debian

The goal of this page is to discuss how software used for DebianScience could be properly classified.

There is clearly a demand for that. There is also interest for creating meta packages or a tasksel task.


As Debtags are being integrated into Packages files it might be the way to go.

Playing with 'goscience'

goscience is a patch (474603) to goplay that takes advantage for science packages of the easy debtags browsing features of goplay.

Building a patched goplay package

The recipe is for sid.

# apt install dh-buildinfo libept-dev libept-dev libwibble-dev libwibble-dev libfltk1.1-dev fluid 
$ wget ";filename=goscience-merida.patch;att=1;bug=474603" -O goscience-merida.patch
$ apt-get source goplay
$ cd goplay-0.3/
$ patch -p 1 < ../goscience-merida.patch
$ debuild -uc -us
# dpkg -i goplay_0.3-1_i386.deb
$ goscience &

Debtags already existing for the 'field' facet

You can search for the already tagged software with the debtags interface: and tag software that has not been properly tagged:

Other QA

Another QA effort that might be related is the PackagesDescriptionsReview. It may even be the one to focus on first.

There is also the ddtp effort to translate the packages descriptions.

Tags discussion

The scientific fields in wikipedia:

The possible tags for Debian science related projects could be

Proposed categories

You can follow this thread to see all opinions. Please add a wiki link to the following categories if it already exists a Debian Science wiki page related to any of the following. Try to spell out the categories to avoid mistakes, as suggested.

The following categories were suggested but not covered by any dependency

The discussion revealed a huge lot of suggested fields but the people who suggested a field forgot / were not able to add any package that would be useful in the field. So these categories are subject to removal from the list but are here for further reference.