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 * Steffen Möller

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Astronomy in Debian Science

The Debian Science web sentinel contains tasks with astronomy applications and tools to develop astronomy applications. It also shows some work in progress.

We are currently working on the creation of a specific blend for astronomy, which should cover both amateur and professional astronomers. The rest of the page is just a common scratchpad for ideas. Feel free to add your own ideas.

Ideas for a Debian Astronomy Blend

The discussion about the blend is still in debian-science@lists.debian.org. Additional to editing this document, please join the discussion there.


  1. Create and maintain packages for astronomy related software
  2. Provide a standard environment for astronomers and observatories to develop own software
  3. Coordinate efforts with other distributions
  4. Involve upstream authors to make software distribution-friendly


Please add yourself here if you are interested.

  • Ole Streicher
  • Thibaut Paumard
  • Steffen Möller

Next todo

  • Decide for a name
  • Setup Debian infrastructure, create mailing list etc.
  • Startup sprint
  • Collect interests in contributing:
    • individuals
    • instrument software development groups

Package categories

By topic

  • amateurs
  • observational astronomy
  • cosmology
  • high energy astropyhsics (also somehow related to high energy physics)
  • Observatories and specific pipelines

By environment

  • shell (like wcstools, qfits tools)
  • python (matplotlib, astropy, numpy and such)
  • tcl (probably outdated? fitstcl & Co.)

  • IRAF (hard to bring into Debian), ...
  • IDL (non-free; what can be replaced by gdl? what about putting code to contrib?)

Software recommendations from other addons

Other distributions


Mailing lists and user groups on other distributions

Source Code directories

Publication of efforts

Should we publish our efforts? Where?