Summary of existing programs, their licences, and their potential to be integrated in Debian

In the following pages, we are currently building a list of programs of interest for a yet to create ?DebianBiology custom distribution (or to enhance DebianMed if it makes more sense). Included in the list are very popular programs which, because of their licence would not be able to be officially packaged in main and/or non-free.

The final goal is to have useful toolchains made from free packages, that is, in main.

Having some wrappers to manage databases whose content is free would be nice, too.

The following area are now well covered in Debian.

Most programs which are already packaged are installed by the following metapackages:

Biology tools that could be considered for inclusion in Debian

Packaging efforts in other distributions

Other listings of potentially relevant software

See also: DebianScience - Edutainment/Biology.