The Debian Sanctuary Pure Blend aims to collect together Debian packages that are useful for freedom preserving tasks including browsing the web anonymously, securing email and performing research into censorship and surveillence.



There are always risks involved when using a computer. Your hardware of software may be exploited or stolen leading to a leak of information. Your communications may be subject to surveillence, possibly for the purpose of censorship, and you may reveal sensitive information to those who would abuse it through this too.

Personal information about yourself, your family or your friends may be used for identity theft or blackmail. Communications may reveal patterns of behaviour used by advertisers to direct marketing campaigns or by governments to determine your objectives.

Tools exist that can help to mitigate these threats and provide you with a safer environment where you can use your computer and communicate with a greater peace of mind. It is our goal to make the discovery, installation, use and maintainence of these tools easy.

Metapackage Curation

The Debian Sanctuary project produces metapackages that allow users to easily install a selection of packages useful for completing a particular task. This also allows contributors to identify areas in which work needs to be completed to improve Debian for these tasks.

The metapackages that will be used are still subject to discussion. A list of candidate packages for inclusion in the metapackages can be found on the metapackages page.

The source for the metapackages is stored in git. If you would like to contribute to the curation of these metapackages, you may submit pull requests to the clone of this repository on GitHub.


There will be documentation.

Related Packaging Teams

The Debian Sanctuary project focuses on collecting useful packages together and documenting their use within Debian. Packaging work is completed within other packaging teams. The following packaging teams are relevant to the Debian Sanctuary project:

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