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  * http://andesi.org - Andesi - Debian related doc, news and forums.   * http://debian-facile.org - Debian-Facile - Debian related doc, news and forums.
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  * http://www.debianworld.org - Debian World - Debian related doc and news.
* http://www.devloprog.org/admin - !DevloProg - Debian admin related tips .
  * http://www.devloprog.org/admin - !DevloProg - Debian admin related tips.

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Debian has a large community of active developers and users. It is probably one of the largest free distributions - and has a very loyal following. Because of this, there are many further resources and support. Below is a list of many!

Debian Support Resources

You can find Official documentation


User resources

Debian user resources (HOWTO's, articles, etc.):

Advocacy, developers, inside information


Debian Related Wikis

Other international support

Generic Linux & Unix Documentation

Here is a short list of places where you can find *nix related documentation. Please add to this list only universally useful links. For example a page explaining how to install nVidia kernel drivers is not a good idea. -- PaoloPan


A resource that many of the tech savvy use is Google. It is a great place to search for Debian related information. You would be amazed how fast you can answer a simple question with a simple query. Try out the English version at:


See also