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Some software projects and some Debian developers provide extra repositories that you can use besides the official ones. There are a variety of potential reasons for the existence of these repositories and the unavailability of their contents in the official repositories:


For a long time, adding repositories to a Debian installation has been a manual process which could be dangerously insecure. From Debian 11 (or 10 with backports), a vastly superior solution is available in the form of the Debian package extrepo (homepage).

The External repositories team explains:

The extrepo-data repository (available as Debian package extrepo-offline-data) contains a list of Debian repositories that includes most or all of the ones listed below, plus many more (thus largely obsoleting this page).

Some unofficial Debian repositories

We use the following tags to describe the repositories, to give an idea of the trust one may wish to place in these repositories:

These tags can be combined

Here is a list of known places :

Possible troubles

In some cases, in order to install an unofficial package, you may need to create dummy package to resolve a very simple dependency lock when, for example, a package has just been renamed by the Debian release changes.