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== How to setup a trivial archive ==
The "trivial archive" lacks support for '''apt-pinning''' and modern '''secure APT''' due to the collision of 2 types of Release files. (e.g., old "Debian Reference (sarge)" and "APT HOWTO (sarge)")

You need dpkg-scanpackages which is in DebPkg:dpkg-dev.

Add this line to {{{/etc/apt/sources.list}}}
  deb file:/path/to directory ./

Create a directory for the deb files. (For example {{{/root/deb}}})
export REPO=/root/deb
mkdir $REPO

Then every time you put new files in the directory, you'll have to scan the directory and update aptitude.
cp *.deb $REPO
cd $REPO
dpkg-scanpackages . | gzip > Packages.gz
aptitude update

Then you can install the package.
#redirect DebianRepository/Setup#trivialArchive