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Debian is released on a regular basis (however, the time between releases has increased with each new release). During development of a release, there are a set of development releases that always exist. These are stable (the current release), testing, the next release which is currently in development, and unstable, the release which is constantly updated and in active development. Only stable is recommended for production use.

Current Releases

Production Releases

note: [:DebianReleases/PointReleases:Point releases] (like 4.0r0 and 4.0r1) are detailed in each distribution's page.

The official information about Debian releases is on the Debian web site (http://www.debian.org/releases/).

Time Between Releases

Time between Debian releases
1.2 178 days
1.3 175 days
2.0 413 days
2.1 229 days
2.2 525 days
3.0 703 days
3.1 1083 days
4.0 671 days