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  ...and other things   ... and other things

QA Hacking

This event will precede Debconf5 (http://www.debconf.org/debconf5) in Helsinki, Finland. DebConf5 itself runs from July 10th-17th. We can meet for up to a week before this, depending on the time you want to spend there and the work you want to accomplish.

So anyone who wants to come, please add yourself to this list, mention some of the things in QA (http://qa.debian.org) you'd like to work on, and the earliest day you expect to be there. (If you don't want to put your info up here, at least mail LukClaes.)


  happy to arrive as early as July 3rd
  bug fixing linda/lintian (including old libtool/auto* versions)
  look for obsolete packages (http://qa.debian.org/howto-remove.html)
  cleaning up WNPP pages
  orphaned packages with wrong maintainer (http://qa.debian.org/orphaned.html)
  ... and other things