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==== Nicolas François ====
 * grisu@debian.org
 * DE (CGN)
 * Tasks:
  * tdebs
  * i18n server, ddtp

QA meeting in Extremadura

This page is for coordinating a QA meeting in Extremadura. The meeting will probably take place from the 26th November to the 30th November. Being 26th the coming day and 30th the leaving day.

This years meeting is at least used for preparing tdebs into the archive and supporting tools. Therefor at least some FTP Team members and i18n members are expected to join. Unfortunately it looks like currently there is only room for about 12 sponsored flights, though we'll try to work something out if more people are interested.

Coordination of the meeting takes place on the event HYPHEN extremadura HYPHEN meetings AT teams DOT debian DOT net mailing list.

Debian contacts


A tentative and collaborative schedule will be available at [http://wiki.debian.org/DebianQAExtremadura2008/Schedule Schedule]

Arrivals (Madrid (MAD) airport)






Departures (Madrid (MAD) airport)






Who would like to come?

When adding yourself to the list below, please mention what you would like to present, to discuss, and to work on during the meeting. This should help finding common points of interest between attendees, and prepare a list of talks and BOFs and above all possible extra sponsorship.

So, please include the following info:

  • name, email
  • country, (more likely) airport of origin
  • topics of interest (topics on which you plan to (co-)organize a talk/BOF/work session, basically)

Ryan Murray

  • possibly?

Neil Williams

Christian Perrier

  • bubulle@debian.org

  • FR (ORY)
  • Tasks:
    • make tdebs integration possible
    • polish Debian i18n server (along with Nicolas François and Felipe van de Wiel, hopefully)

Joerg Jaspert

  • joerg@debian.org

  • Germany (FRA)
  • Tasks:
    • integrate tdebs into the archive
    • work on improving dak (version 2)

Thomas Viehmann

  • tv@beamnet.de

  • Germany (FRA|CGN)
  • Tasks:
    • integrate tdebs into the archive
    • work on improving dak (version 2)

Luk Claes

Mark Hymers

  • mhy@debian.org

  • UK (?)
  • Tasks:
    • integrate tdebs into the archive
    • work on improving dak (version 2)

Marc Brockschmidt

  • he@debian.org

  • Germany (DUS|CGN)
  • Tasks:
    • QA release goals
    • A new approach to QA: Explicit support instead of removal after breakage

Philipp Kern

  • pkern@debian.org

  • Germany (STR|SXB)
  • Tasks:
    • work on improving dak 1 and 2
    • (stable) release stuff
    • QA release goals

Nicolas François

Nicolas François

Stefano Zacchiroli

  • zack@debian.org

  • FR (CDG|ORY)
  • Tasks
    • EDOS/Mancoosi checks (e.g. edos-debcheck, file conflicts, ...) integration in Debian infrastructure (uploads, wanna-build, devscripts, ...)
    • PTS hacking