Python in Debian

Within the Debian project Python packages are maintained by individual developers and three main teams :

On the debian-python mailing list you can follow the latest developments.

On IRC some people use the channel #debian-python to discuss

For more information read the FAQ and this ?incomplete list of Python's packages in Debian

Supported Python Versions

Debian's latest release Lenny contains multiple Python versions: 2.5 (the default) and 2.4.

?Python 2.6 as default is a goal for squeeze

Debian Python Policy for Python developers

The Debian Python Policy describes conventions for packaging and distributing Python code in Debian.

The official text is located at

Feel free to ask any questions on debian-python@l.d.o mailing list and contribute to ?DebianPython/Tutorial.

if you want to maintain a Python package, you have to know how the Debian Development works.

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