Python in Debian

Python compiler in Debian project is maintained by a developers team known as [ pkg-python]. There are many Python modules and extensions maintained by individual developers and by a coordinated group called [ Debian Python Modules Team]. The Debian project counts with many other applications written in Python.


Debian latest release Sarge, contains multiple Python versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4. Unfortunately not all the modules, extensions and applications supports every version and support four different Python versions simultaneously with a good quality isn't so easy.

We're working right now in a better infrastructure for transitions between versions and hopefully we will just include Python 2.4 in our next release to turn the support easier. Actually Debian Unstable (also known as sid) contains Python 2.3 (as default) and Python 2.4 only.

Python Policy

See DebianPython/NewPolicy