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== FAQ ==

See [[DebianPythonFAQ]]

Python in Debian

Software written in the Python programming language is usually compiled into platform independent bytecode files. This is similar to Java. The so-called C-Python interpreter is a software package containing both the compiler and the bytecode interpreter used to execute Python bytecode files. Unfortunately precompiled bytecode files are incompatible from Python version to Python version. Precompiled Python bytecode files distributed in Debian packages must therefore match one of the available Python interpreter versions available on a certain Debian system. Within the Debian project the Python compiler/interpreter package is maintained by a developers team known as pkg-python. There are many Python modules and extensions maintained by individual developers and by a coordinated group called Debian Python Modules Team. The Debian project contains many other applications written in Python that are maintained by a separate Python Applications Packaging Team.


Debian's latest release Lenny contains multiple Python versions: 2.5 (the default) and 2.4.

Python Policy

See DebianPython/NewPolicy


See DebianPythonFAQ