Hello, I'm DebianProfile3 (In Real Life (TM) I am Brian Fennell).

Since I needed to sign in to Edit the ?SandBox, I am going to create a Wiki Homepage

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This Sections I Dedicated to Questions I am asking of the DebianWiki Community. I do Expect Answers, so feel free to edit my HomePage.

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Debian Log

My Log of Debian Q&A as well as tidbits I have found along the way. This page will be for me and hopefully useful to others too. If I learn enough to create a ?ReallyUsefulPage I will build out from here.

This log will be in reverse cronological order, so read from bottom to top if you want the running narrative.

2005-09-10 Had a talk with my Client, Maria, Age 3. She let set the requirements for "Maria's Computer". She wants to play games. The same games on "Brian's Computer". Brian, Age 5, has a old PowerMac 5400/200 with CD. So I start looking for a PowerMac emulator. I like the looks of !BasiliskII which has been around for a while. It doesn't do PowerMac, but has a related project that shares some of the same code base, called SheepShaver (not my favorite name for a kid's computer but what the hay). SheepShaver is very experimental so I grab the source via anonimous cvs and try to compile. my autoconf is too old (so the SheepShaver ./ says.) Now I am a apt-get newbie, but i give it a go: apt-get install autoconf. looks good but... still no go, autogen gives me the thumbs down again. I am debian illiterate but I can use google as well as or better than the next man so three or four googles later I come on apt-get -t unstable install autoconf. This tells me that I am already up to date... hmmm that doesn't sound right. Back to google: I find this page: This scools me on the existance of /etc/apt/preferences and how to use it... except. Clearly I don't understand something. I will need to get these packages from somewhere. In cygwin I ran into the same thing. I need some local mirrors if I am going to get unstable packages from somewhere. The mirrors are not listed in the /etc/apt/preferences (I thought they were but I must have been cross eyed, the only think in the example is a link to Roserick's how to page. But now I have a better search: (groups for the dumb and posibally wrong questions, usenet has the same wrong questions followed by the right answers) ..ok now I see there is also a /etc/apt/sources.list ... that looks like it makes more sense, my default sources.list has only stable. Not on for the search for the mirrors, I want a list of mirrors along with their locations so I can pick ones that are close, and onces that sound like they will have fast servers (mit and perkley jump to mind). This hard lots of pages talking about debian mirrors, and sources.list but hart to find the list I want... finally I try and bingo... Gotta write this down (hey I just did).

2005-08-09 Loaded Current Debian Stable on a GatewayProfile3 with ?ActiveMatrix screen and ?815e ?Intel video chipset. Used a ?WindozeXP machine to "burn" a root,boot,and network set of floppies and did a network install taking most of the defaults and using google on the ?WindozeXP machine to look up HW specs as I went along. I am not a Hardware guy so reading the Model and Serial number of the back of the device and surfing out from Google is the most I am brave enough to do. Gateway has a neat service where you can look up your specs from the serial number on their website. I chose Desktop, ?FileServer and ?PrintServer options in the install. I have a DSL modem and a firewall so I am kind of brave.

2006-1-18 Since we last left our hero, I managed to getsome of Maria's favorite games running under Wine . I haven't managed to get the full resolution on the screen, though there are hopes that post-boot a BIOS hack is includeded in the newest versions of ?XOrg xwindows drivers. I have discovered apt and netselect and netselect and netselect-apt packages for setting up apt with the closest mirrors. I have become a huge apt-get fan and have started using the Solaris clone pkg-get . I have even comtemplated constructing a clone for cygwin (which sort of has package management, but not really). I have yet to start any really useful pages.

2007-02-04 : This looks very promising:

More Wine and ?WineCfg Links


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