Declassification of the debian-private archives

The debian-private mailing list is used for private discussions among developers, which are sparingly needed.

For the sake of transparency, the Debian project voted in 2005 for a declassification procedure which will publish messages posted there after a period of 3 years.

Status of the GR implementation

Debian is more than willing to keep up to its promises and implement what the outcome of this GR requires. Still, the declassification cannot happen per se, but rather needs DebianDeveloper volunteers to actually do that.

Until a suitable team of volunteers with the energy to work on the issue shows up, this GR will remain not implemented.

Bottom line: help is needed. If you are interested to help, please check the last call for help on the matter and contact <leader AT debian DOT org> to volunteer.

Ideally, in your mail you should come up with a suitable declassification work flow for both past messages and for new messages that daily become declassifiable.