Debian for privacy-oriented use

This page tries to collect and organize info on the many ways Debian can be used to preserve and enhance privacy.


General constraints/expectations for tools and services provided, and questions exposed at runtime:

Some installation and server hosting is expected done by technicians, while others have (similar to e.g. FreedomBox and DebianEdu) special constraints related to that.


The goal is a Debian Pure Blend e.g. with these metapackages:


Tools and services especially privacy-related, which should be included in some of above listed metapackages.

See also FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud .

For tools/services not yet in Debian please ?, and reference resulting bug number here to ease tracking its progress.


System tweaks (adjustments, tunings, corrections...) needed for some privacy features:

Ideally these should all be handled automatically by Debian packages.

See also

FreedomBox, DebianParl