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 * Teams/PkgPrivacyMaintainers  * [[Teams/PkgPrivacyMaintainers]]

BoF at DebConf18

BoF = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birds_of_a_feather_(computing)



  1. Volunteers needed
    • take notes and send them to debian-mobile mailing list, IRC and wiki :ulrike:
    • take questions from IRC
  2. Does have Debian privacy issues? I.e. can Debian users expect a privacy friendly operating system, when they install Debian? Is Debian "privacy by default"?
    • Examples, where privacy might be violated:
    • how can we automatically choose targets for manual testing?
    • how can we do automated testing for potential issues?
  3. Is there something we should do about it?
    • are we able to patch the software or convince upstream to change things?
    • how can we keep track of such requests & patchs within Debian?

    • how can we share our improvements with other distributions?
    • can we create some "guidelines" for both upstream programmers and upstream to make privacy the default?
    • can we create similar guidelines for packages in Debian?
    • do we need more things packaged and/or reviewed by the privacy packaging team?
  4. Tools:
    • tag BTS bugs with user tag "privacy", some existing users have a privacy tag: pabs@debian.org

    • make a list, e.g. in the wiki, of privacy issues, so users can make informed choice