Debian for privacy-oriented use

This page tries to collect and organize info on the many ways Debian can be used to preserve and enhance privacy.


General constraints/expectations for tools and services provided, and questions exposed at runtime:

Some installation and server hosting is expected done by technicians, while others have (similar to e.g. FreedomBox and DebianEdu) special constraints related to that.


The goal is a Debian Pure Blend e.g. with these metapackages:


Tools and services especially privacy-related, which should be included in some of above listed metapackages.

See also FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud .

For tools/services not yet in Debian please file an ITP or RFP bugreport, and reference resulting bug number here to ease tracking its progress.


System tweaks (adjustments, tunings, corrections...) needed for some privacy features:

Ideally these should all be handled automatically by Debian packages.

See also

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