Getting started with DebianParl

You have installed DebianParl.

Here's a gentle intro to start using it.


Your system use several access points - similar to a house with a front door, a door to the apartment, and a desk drawer in the office.

Now, before you put any valuable data onto it, is a good time to change access codes, so that you feel more comfortable doing it again later when you feel tighten security.

/!\ Personal passwords are only in your head: Never ever share them with anyone, not even technicians. Never ever write them down. Type them in only at the access point you know they belong.

{i} A good password is long but possible to remember: Better than numbers and exotic characters, think up 3-4 random words! That's longer and easier to remember.


The whole system is protected when turned off using "full disk encryption".

Password is changed in the "Disk tool" found below "Utilities" in the menu:

1. Select the disk on left side 2. Select the encrypted volume in the graphic box on right side 3. Select "Change passphrase" below the graphic box

After providing old and new password, you are asked for another password: That's your account password.