Debian PAN Blend


This is a Photon And Neutron dedicated Debian Pure Blend.

The objectif of this Pure Blend is to package software used to perform and analyse data collected in Synchrotron radiation or Neutron Facilities. This blend is not only reserved to peoples working on this kind of facilities, but also to smaller laboratories where diffraction experiments can be performed, or it can potentially intereset also all users of these facilities when they need to analyze the collected data.


Debian PAN Tasks

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theses pages are automaticaly generated once per day using the content of the git repository of the DebianPAN Blend gitweb


For now this blends does not have it's own mailling list, nevertheless if you want to ask questions or contributs, you can use the Debian Science mailling lists debian-science directly or send an email to the main coordinator <picca AT synchrotron-soleil DOT fr>.


So fill free to add any relevant package or link to this page SynchrotronRadiationSoftware


PANDATA software list Science Code Manifesto

Ill and ESRF softwares

Alba AlbaBox


frm2 repository


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