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 * [wiki:SummerOfCode2007/OvalAgentShedule GSoC 2007 Project schedule]
 * [wiki:SummerOfCode2007/ovalagent OVAL agent GSoC 2007 project idea]
 * [[SummerOfCode2007/OvalAgentShedule|GSoC 2007 Project schedule]]
 * [[SummerOfCode2007/ovalagent|OVAL agent GSoC 2007 project idea]]

This project aims to further integration of Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) with Debian.

Project description


  • Initial support for convert DSA to OVAL definitions (JavierFernandezSanguino)

  • Debian OVAL agent - accepted project of Google Summer of Code 2007


Other pages

Current status

OVAL interpretator


Implemented as a python script and will included in oval-server package


  • Debian package in progress


  • Debian package in progress