This page describes a method to install Debian on Apple Intel Mac Pro computers. It has been tested in two computer systems with a Quad-Core and dual Quad-core Xeon 5300-series "Clovertown" machines.

If you have already tried to install Debian on Intel Mac Pro, you may have experienced the fact that the Debian Installer CD boots and allows you to configure the early steps of installation, like language, keyboard, etc. but it doesn't mount the CD-ROM. Eventually, no media is available to continue with the base-system installation.

I tried the standard approaches given in several wikies on the subject, e.g. kernel boot parameters like 'install noapic irqpoll acpi=force', and combinations thereof, but none really helped. I also tried a USB-key installation, only to learn that Mac firmware does not support USB-key installations.

Short-short version

Download this [ Debian Installer Mini CD]

Under Mac OS X, install [ rEFIt], the EFI boot menu for Intel Mac. Easiest is to download the Mac disk image, double click on the icon and run the installer.

Still under Mac OS X, open the CD bay, insert the Mini Debian Installer CD for Intel Mac Pro and reboot. In the boot menu choose the penguin.

Long version