Mainline kernel support

Patch submitted to enable basic support for ?OpenPandora in the Debian linux packages:

Enabled in in debian linux package in 4.7.4-1.

Boots with linux 4.7.x/4.8.x and Debian stretch. SD card, NAND, LCD (xserver-xorg-video-fbdev works, fbconsole doesn't), keyboard (fn-key broken). Broken or missing support for USB, wifi, and "mouse" nubs.


The omap3_pandora target was enabled in the u-boot-omap package in version 2016.09~rc2+dfsg1-1. Only works with serial console, so debugging can be difficult without a serial console cable.

Installing Wheezy on the Open Pandora

What You will need


On The PC

On The Pandora

Contents of /etc/apt/sources.list

Making the Pandora boot


Contents of boot.txt/autoboot.txt:

NOTE: Refer to boot setup for how I did this. If you make multiple partitions on the card, the ezt2load will be different:

Using the Pandora Kernel

From Angstrom:

Chroot with Debian:

With that, you can now boot from the pandora directly to your new Debian installation!

Making a Debian Kernel

On Debian:

Now to make the pandora boot into it, we must make a bootable image for it to boot from.

On Debian:


When you install xxerver, be sure to install xserver-xorg-video-omap3 and xserver-xorg-video-fbdev. I chose to install xfce, but you are welcome to install what you wish.

On Debian

I also install xfce4-goodies

=== armel===

This is my xorg.conf


Right now I have only attempted with root.


Note: I have only gotten fbdev to work. omap3 does not seem to want to work.

This is my xorg.conf



On Angstrom:

This script needs to run anytime you start X, right now I have it in /etc/skel/.xinitrc. Depending on if you use gdm, kdm, etc, it will have to go somewhere else


Battery Monitoring

Nothing really to it....


Also install the DM's power manager. I use xfce, so I just installed that.


Unofficial Package Repository

There's an armhf repository with a linux-image package based on wheezy kernel sources with openpandora patches applied, as well as a pandora-hacks package which includes keymap and cpu frequency configurations specific to the pandora. To use, add to sources.list: