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Running a full Debian distribution on handheld computers


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Debian chroot on Android

It's possible to run vanilla full-fat Debian squeeze for armel in a ChrootOnAndroid.


PocketWorkstation runs in a chroot environment on a storage card, using the vendor's preinstalled native Linux system for most hardware access. GUI is based on xf4vnc and the fbvnc FrameBuffer viewer.

Runs on Sharp Zaurus handhelds: SL-5x00, SL-6000, and the clamshell models SL-C7x0, SL-C8x0.

Intimate Linux

Intimate Linux - fully native Debian, running on Compaq IPAQ Handheld

Requires as host.

Has not been updated in several years.


Fully native Debian, running on Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, SL-C3100 and SL-C3200.

Boots Debian businesscard ISO on the Zaurus. Includes native X server, and "titchy" metapackage to install desktop environment, theme and apps, with Xfce as the default window manager.


Debian Sarge and Etch on HP Jornada 7xx Handheld PCs

Debian gives these StrongArm-based Handheld PCs running Windows CE 3.0 a new life, and makes them very useful with a full Debian install on them.


Can run Debian Wheezy armhf port on SD (and possibly NAND), with a modified omap kernel variant.

See OpenPandora page on the wiki.

OMAP 600MHz-1GHz, 256-512MB of ram, 512MB NAND, 2 SD card slots, built-in touch screen, keyboard, mouse nubs, wifi.

Comes with Angstrom OS:

Someone also has gotten squeeze and/or lenny armel port running on it:

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