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oldstable is a codename for the previous Debian stable repository, as long as security updates are provided. It is not just a name of the old stable version(s) of Debian.

When security updates are not provided anymore for oldstable, the repository is moved to

Bullseye is the current oldstable.


Q) Why oldstable ?
A.1) In a large organisation, it can take a while to plan, test and upgrade all computers.
A.2) Some Debian based custom distribution's stable version can be based on oldstable. Having oldstable is convenient for them too.
Q) When is it released ?

The old-stable is "created" 1 just before a new stable is released.

Q) How long will security updates be provided?

The security team will support a stable distribution for three years after its release. It is not possible to support three distributions; supporting two simultaneously is already difficult enough. source: Debian Security FAQ

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  1. It's just a symlink to the distribution codename (1)