This looks interesting:

It claims to be collaborative web-publishing tools for non-profits but I'm interested to see how it compares to other ?CMSs both in terms of functionality and in terms of appropriateness. Additionally, it seems mostly irelevant for the Desktop where we are going to want to focus first.

!Good resources on people that are working on getting Non Profits to use open source software: Non Profit Open Source Initiative:

Building an Open Source Office:

?InfoCentral ( - The overall goal for the ?InfoCentral is to become a flexible, all-in-one, easy to use solution for all NPO needs. Currently has member information for an organization, but is wanting to add the following:

 more complete donations, pledge, and fundraising system
 basic accounting and budgeting features
 member coordination for tracking/matching skills and managing volunteer work
 contact and relationship management
 equipment, supplies, vehicle, and facility inventory and reservations (
 such as reserving rooms and AV equipment for meetings, etc.)
 event information, scheduling, attendance, and registration system
 basic groupware features for staff:  webmail, internal memos, tasks, contact 
 management integration, calendar scheduling, etc.
 online portal system for the organization's public website:   easy-to-use CMS 
 features, public events calendar, online donations, directory of members, moderated forums, etc.
 complete per-record user/group permissions system

?OpenServe ( - has a project to replace Microsoft Powerpoint

Calendula ( -

 One of the most important pieces of software at work in most nonprofit organizations 
 is the fundraising management system.  This was true even before the current economic climate, 
 it is an imperative now. Fundraising management systems in the form of specialized databases help 
 ["NPOs"] track their donors, prospective donors, and help manage their events.  Many charities, schools, 
 and educational groups can't survive without healthy relationships with their supporters, a relationship 
 made easier with this software.

 The Calendula project is just getting started, and hopes to address this need.

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