Debian-NYC is proud to announce the continuation of its workshop series with a workshop examaning prototypical packages and looking at all of their components.

This workshop will provide advanced theory useful for people modifying or creating packages. For people modifying packages, you'll learn many typical motifs and about various build systems. For creating packages, you'll be much better prepared to read and understand guides a deep level. However, this is still not a step-by-step guide in "how to build packages", but will get you very close to there.

The Debian-NYC series of workshops as a whole is designed to introduce Debian, Debian tools and techniques, and the Debian community as well as provide skills to attendees. This workshop is targeted towards technically-skilled people who would like knowledge of the Debian packaging system and how to contribute back to the Debian community. Most of the material of these workshops will be applicable to other Debian-derived distributions, such as Ubuntu.

For other Debian-NYC events, including Novice Nights aimed at new users, see

Please bring: A Debian (or other Debian-based distribution such as Ubuntu) computer with your preferred development tools on it. Extra computers may be available for you to use if you can't bring one; but please contact us ahead of time if you'd like assistance with machinery, so the folks who can bring extra know how much to bring.

Date/Time/Location: October 27, 2010. Workshop begins at 19:00, please arrive between 18:30 and 19:00. Location: Control Group, located in the Woolworth building (233 Broadway, Manhattan, right next to city hall park, Manhattan). Tell the front desk that you are going to a meeting at Control Group, on the 21st floor. You need some sort of identification to get a visitor pass.

Registration: Free, space is limited, RSVP to (rkd at

Contact: IRC via #debian-nyc on ; ; Richard Darst (rkd at


We would like to thank Control Group, Inc. for providing the space for this workshop. Control Group is a privately held IT consultancy that provides application development, infrastructure, support and training services to clients in the media, entertainment, design, and financial industries. For more information about Control Group and its services, go to

Draft outline

If you want to help here, add as much as you think important to this outline. Then, whoever presents it can narrow it down to what they see as practical in the time we have.

Example packages:


We should take a survey of attendees to figure out why they come and what they would like.