Debian-NYC Workshop #4

An Introduction to Secure Digital Communications using OpenPGP

This workshop occurred on March 24th.

Date and Time: March 24, 2010 at 7:00 PM

Duration: 2.5 Hours

The first part of this workshop will be a discussion of some of the problems facing secure communications on a public network, concepts that can be used to solve those problems, and an introduction to OpenPGP, a tool that implements those concepts and allows secure communications.

The second part will be a guided, hands-on lab using OpenPGP tools to generate the digital keys needed to communicate securely, to obtain the keys of others, and to use those keys to encrypt data to a recipient.

Participants should bring a portable computer to the workshop, have some experience using a command-line interface to their computer, and should be sure to have an implementation of OpenPGP[0] installed on their computer before the presentation.

Location: Manhattan. As there is some physical security at the space being provided for the presentation, the exact location will be emailed to those who are RSVP'ed.

Please RSVP below or to David Rocamora[1]

[0] The implementation of OpenPGP used by the presenters will be the GNU Privacy Guard(GPG). This is automatically installed on all Debian systems as the "gnupg" package.

[1] dave at n22t dot com

Outline of Workshop

The workshop is over, but here's the notes outline that we built to make it. It's pretty rough.