Page to plan what you plan to bring to party, and or just let others know that you are coming.


  1. Brian Gupta - Hosting
    • Bringing: some beer, wine, cheeses, cold cuts, french bread, and Crudités.
  2. Thomas Krichel.

    • Bringing: laptop, one bottle of Lustau Cream Sherry "Capataz Andres", maybe some Korean style sushi
  3. James Meldrum.

    • Bringing: 5 bottles of wine, fruit
  4. John Harig
    • Bringing: something . . . mini-cupcakes perhaps . . .
  5. jeremyb
    • Arriving sometime after 19h
    • Bringing some beer (probably leffe and one other)
  6. David Bristow
    • Bringing: Whatever I can get from Fairway, probably some Bass Ale as well.
  7. Chris Pick
    • Bringing: Beer (IPAs and summer ales), cookies and snacks (we'll be coming after another dinner)
  8. JoeNahmias

    • Arriving late [around 2200 or so]
    • Bringing: Cold pasta salad and/or alcohol
  9. Jimmy Kaplowitz
    • Bringing: Pasta with tomato-lentil sauce (optional grated parmesan cheese, otherwise vegan)