There are many Debianistas in New York City. If you are interested in Debian or Free Software, get in touch with us.

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What do we do?

Debian Workshops

In order to build a community, we occasionally hold workshops for the NYC area. They vary from things for total beginners, to users of Debian, to advanced topics. Check /Workshops for more information, including a list of all past workshops.

Novice Nights

Novice Nights are a night where we explicitely invite newcomers to get help installing, configuring, or learning about Debian. See DebianNYC/NoviceNights for more information, they are currently still in the tentative/planning stages and none have happened yet.

Social nights

Occasionally, we'll gather in a bar to hang out and have fun.


The Debian-NYC team was successful in getting the bid for DebConf10, in 2010, for New York City. The website is/was and our planning occurred via the DebConf wiki. There were separate (but heavily overlapping) DebConf10 mailing list and IRC channel.

DebConf10 is all wrapped up and done now. It was lots of fun.

Visiting NYC

As part of our plan to take over the world, we encourage visitors to come by so that we can share knowledge, stories, and fun. If you'll be around the area, let us know by mail or IRC (above). We can arrange social events or keysignings while you are here.

Travel / Accommodations

There is a lot of information on our DebConf10 wiki page or our bid page. Also, just ask us via IRC.



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