Debian-NP TODO-list

If you have questions and such, please use the IRC channel. Connect to and join #debian-np or email

Morphix boot CD

We're using a Morphix-based bootable CD (check for more info). Currently we have a derived version of Morphix's Gnome or Heavy-GUI CD.

update package list

The current list of packages is available at Email if you have a package you would like added and that already exists as a debian package.

Please add to, modify this, or update it this doc with your progress as you see fit.

Finished Items

fix HTML write-up

new HTML has been uploaded to for review.

removal of nvidia code

This part has been done, it just needs some testing on nvidia hardware now.

Instructions on how to remove nvidia code are in DebianNPRemovalOfNVidiaCode

We currently have an "edit" button on each of the Wiki's pages. Obviously, this needs to be locked down, in order to prevent smart-ass additions, like this one.

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create artwork

We currently have artwork that we're using but it's not perfect and some of it's not even custom. Artwork is welcome! Check out the DebianNPArt page for details.

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