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So far, the status of ["DebianNonProfit"] should be: So far, the status of [[DebianNonProfit]] should be:
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["CustomDebian"] and http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/200307_oslo_int/index_en.html [[CustomDebian]] and http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/200307_oslo_int/index_en.html
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A list of participants is in: ["DebianNPParticipants"] A list of participants is in: [[DebianNPParticipants]]
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 * A preliminary needs assessment is at ["DebianNPNeeds"]  * A preliminary needs assessment is at [[DebianNPNeeds]]
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A TODO-list is at ["DebianNPTODO"] A TODO-list is at [[DebianNPTODO]]

So far, the status of ?DebianNonProfit should be:

Project resources:

We're talking of a Custom Debian: please see http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-nonprofit/News/2003/20030717 CustomDebian and http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/200307_oslo_int/index_en.html

The project has been born in July 2003 (afaict)

A list of participants is in: DebianNPParticipants

The goal is to create a ready-made distro for the non-profit world, with the idea that you don't really need to convince them to use Linux, but you only need to give Linux to them.

There are wwo lines of development:

  • A Morphix live CD
  • A Debian-Installer installation CD, inspired from SkoleLinux

What has been obtained so far:

  • The maling list has already shown great potental to network people and resources that were unrelated before
  • A preliminary needs assessment is at DebianNPNeeds

  • Mako has an initial list of applications (http://mako.yukidoke.org/outgoing/np_package_selections-2003112302.txt)

  • Mako investigated on how to create Morphix images. Alexander (the Morphix author) is in the list and hangs out in #debian-np
  • Enrico created an Alioth Debian-NP project, which will bring CVS and all the other Alioth services: http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-np

  • Enrico created a Debian package with Mako's intro page. The package will be used to contain more debian-np specific files and documentation as they'll become available. The package is available in Alioth's CVS in the repository debian-np-deb

A TODO-list is at DebianNPTODO