In modifying Morphix to make Debian-NP. we removed all proprietary software/non-free software to keep Debian-NP 100% free software and to bring it in line with the project's own goals and those laid out in the Debian Social Contract.

See the instructions on: DebianNPMorphixHowto

The first step will be to download: (the small image) and follow the instructions there about uncompressing and unpacking base/morphix iso.

ignore the references to the mainmodule but follow those instructions. once this is unpacked, remove the nvidia subdirectory completely. now we'll need to modify at least etc/init.d/morphix-start usr/sbin/mkxf86config and usr/sbin/mkxf86config2 to make the CD work without this driver. the goal of modification is to have it work without the nvidia drivers (using only the nv included with x)