Goals supported by DebianNonProfit

Keep the books balanced, budget and finance tracking

You can try running GNU Cash. GNU Cash uses a double-entry system that is standard in bookkeeping, but may not be familiar to people who might be used to single-entry systems. This is why it is important to go through the tutorial before using it.

Merge text and images to create flyers and booklets

Goals not yet fully supported by DebianNonProfit

Writing a request for fundings

You can use OpenOffice.org Writer to write the letter: it also supports creating template letters to ease repetitive tasks.

Missing or not yet identified: address directory

Writing a letter to the members to organize a fundraising party

Goals are not tasks, nor tools (some insight on goals, tasks and tools)

(please add other goals. Don't confuse goals with tools or tasks: "Word processing" is a task you do with a tool, not a goal: "Writing a letter to the members to organize a fundraising party" is a goal)

Goal: Inclusion of accessibility features, such as speech recognition and/or screen readers, so people who are blind or mobility impaired can use the software.

(we should elaborate more on the goals, possibly also providing links for goal-specific tutorials and other resources)

Example of tools and not goals:

Even if they are not goals, many, many thanks to contributors! Whoever added these, you must have had some goal in your mind. Please ask yourself:

The answers to these questions are good candidates to be goals. (Enrico)

Further insight can be found in the book "The Inmates are Running the Asylum", by A. Cooper, SAMS Publishing. Borrow it in your local library: it's a must-read! Goals are covered in chapter 10.