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 * [[http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=fsateler|fsateler]] (prefers CDBS).  * [[http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=fsateler|fsateler]] (prefers CDBS, likes short-form dh as well).

In general, we don't do sponsoring. We do upload packages by fellow team members that don't have upload rights, so if you want your package uploaded by us, you should join the team and convince some of the DDs to upload when it's ready.

Best practices

  • To get uploaded quickly be sure to follow the team guidelines in DebianMultimedia/DevelopPackaging, and in particular follow these best practices to make the uploader's job easier:

  • Use a Vcs, this is mandatory in pkg-multimedia anyway (git), to allow for quicker reviews of individual commits
  • Using debhelper or cdbs is encouraged as they help to avoid errors, thus reducing the work for the uploader.
  • Write high-quality changelogs with detailed information of what you changed and why
  • Split commits of unrelated things, for instance commit a new upstream version separately as the addition of a patch from the BTS if these don't relate
  • Try to find interested comaintainers in the package you'd like to get uploaded
  • Tell how you tested the package
  • Make sure you fix lintian errors or document in overrides why these are ok.


(Currently the team is a bit low on available uploaders with sirestart taking on much of the load. Hopefully over time this situation will improve as more team members become DMs able upload their own packages, new DDs join the team and existing team members make it through the NM process.)

  • siretart (prefers debhelper/quilt packages)

  • free (not much time available)

  • lool (not much time available, prefers being in a position of being able to test the to-be-sponsored packages, please package stuff using dh 7 or CDBS if possible)

  • alessio (prefers debhelper/quilt packages)

  • fsateler (prefers CDBS, likes short-form dh as well).

  • sramacher (prefers debhelper)

  • umlaeute (prefers CDBS; likes debhelper as well)