1. How to join pkg-multimedia

In case you are willing to actually join pkg-multimedia, please write an email introducing yourself and your work so far to our mailing list. Ideally you are already reading that mailing list for some time and actively help out by sending patches and contribute to our discussions.

By joining the team, we expect from you that you:

Please confirm all these points in your introducing mail! Do not forget to go to the team's page and click "Request to join". We will then consider your application and add you to the pkg-multimedia team on Salsa. You will then have full write access to all pkg-multimedia branches and can integrate your and other's patches and packages. Please refer to DebianMultimedia/DevelopPackaging for documentation about how to use the Debian Multimedia git repository.

1.1. Ubuntu pkg-multimedia-maintainers

The pkg-multimedia-maintainers team for Ubuntu and Debian are the same (work on the same packages). If you would like to help with bugs or issues specific with Ubuntu, simply send an email to the debian-multimedia list and request to be put on the pkg-multimedia-maintainers list in launchpad.