This page thanks to great work from ?TimHall, shamelessly re-used by dancerj, updated by billitch.

Packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team

Here you can find a list of packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team:

New packages should set the Maintainer field to Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>. Existing packages should move to using that address on a best-effort basis.

All source packages shoud use the pkg-multimedia git area in alioth.

How to help with packaging

The Debian Multimedia Maintainers need help to create new Debian packages and maintain the existing ones. If you want to contribute to this effort, but you are new to the Debian packaging systems, here follows some information to get you started.

Packaging guidelines

Workflow guidelines


Proposing new packages for pkg-multimedia

Working on existing packages with git for newbies

git clone git://

git pull --rebase origin

git pull origin

git rebase -i origin/master

Tasks for team members

Uploading proposed package to the team git repository

$ ssh /git/pkg-multimedia/setup-repository <project>

$ cd /path/to/sources/

$ git-import-dsc --pristine-tar <project>_0.0.1-1.dsc

$ cd <project>

$ git remote add alioth ssh://<project>.git

$ git push alioth master

$ git push alioth upstream

$ git push alioth pristine-tar

$ git push alioth

$ git push alioth --tags

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