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|| banshee (sonance) || [http://bugs.debian.org/296467 ITP] || [http://sonance.aaronbock.net/ http://sonance.aaronbock.net/] || GNOME audio player based on GStreamer and Mono ||
|| [http://bugs.debian.org/cantus cantus] || [http://bugs.debian.org/287985 O] || [http://cvs.gna.org/cvsweb/?cvsroot=cantus http://cvs.gna.org/cvsweb/?cvsroot=cantus] || Gnome tool to mass-rename/tag mp3 and ogg files - Has a couple of minor bugs that probably wouldn't be hard to fix. Orphaned 2004-12-31. ||
|| banshee (sonance) || [http://bugs.debian.org/296467 ITP] || [http://www.banshee-project.org/ http://www.banshee-project.org/] || GNOME audio player based on GStreamer and Mono ||


{{{ This page is outdated and contains information already on other pages. Help is welcome to remove the duplicate parts, and to update or remove the obsolete parts. No need to ask before editing. }}}

This page thanks to great work from tim hall, shamelessly re-used by dancerj

Packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team

Here you can find a list of packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team:


All source packages are kept in the [http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/demudi demudi SVN project]

How to help with packaging

The A/!?DeMuDi project needs help to create new Debian packages and maintain the existing ones. If you want to contribute to this effort, but you are new to the Debian packaging systems, here follows some information to get you started.


Lists of packages and applications

Key to status column

  • O - The package has been ‘Orphaned’. It needs a new maintainer as soon as possible. If the package has a Priority higher or equal to standard, the severity should be set to important.

  • RFA - This is a ‘Request for Adoption’. Due to lack of time, resources, interest or something similar, the current maintainer is asking for someone else to maintain this package. They will maintain it in the meantime, but perhaps not in the best possible way. In short: the package needs a new maintainer.

  • RFH - This is a ‘Request For Help’. The current maintainer wants to continue to maintain this package, but they need some help to do this, because their time is limited or the package is quite big and needs several maintainers.

  • ITP - This is an ‘Intent To Package’. Please submit a package description along with copyright and URL in such a report.

  • RFP - This is a ‘Request For Package’. Someone has found an interesting piece of software and would like someone else to maintain it for Debian. Please submit a package description along with copyright and URL in such a report.

  • not in WNPP - That's because you haven't submitted an RFP for it yet (see above).

You can click on the links in this column to bring up the full bug reports.

Audio and multimedia applications which need help

The table below could be better managed through BTS's user tags. This would allow syncing this info with the current one in BTS without duplicated work.






[http://bugs.debian.org/276798 RFP:]


part of ALSA and needed for several cards

banshee (sonance)

[http://bugs.debian.org/296467 ITP]

[http://www.banshee-project.org/ http://www.banshee-project.org/]

GNOME audio player based on GStreamer and Mono


not in WNPP

[http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/ http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/]

voice controlled resonance instrument for the jack-audio-connection-kit


not in WNPP

[http://dirac.sf.net/ http://dirac.sf.net/]

video codec that provides general-purpose video compression and decompression tools comparable with state-of-the-art systems


[http://bugs.debian.org/280165 ITP:]


See all the other dssi0.9 ITPs.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321465 ITP:]

DSSI wrapper for the FluidSynth SoundFont-playing software synthesizer.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321469 ITP:]

Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321468 ITP:]

An oscilloscope DSSI plugin.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321488 ITP:]

Monophonic synth plugin with two oscillators and waveshapers.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321463 ITP:]

Wrapper plugin for Windows VSTs to function as DSSI plugin.


[http://bugs.debian.org/321464 ITP:]

classic-analog (VCOs-VCF-VCA) style software synthesizer.

[http://bugs.debian.org/em8300 em8300]

[http://bugs.debian.org/346583 RFA:]

Drivers for DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards - Debian maintainer has become upstream too & needs help.

[http://bugs.debian.org/freebirth freebirth]

[http://bugs.debian.org/302897 ITA]

Dead upstream page

Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer similar to Rebirth


[http://bugs.debian.org/303307 ITP:]

a beat slicer


[http://bugs.debian.org/291493 ITP]

[http://freewheeling.sf.net/ http://freewheeling.sf.net/]

live looping musical instrument

[http://bugs.debian.org/freqtweak freqtweak]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352540 O:]

Realtime audio frequency spectral manipulation

[http://bugs.debian.org/gcombust gcombust]

[http://bugs.debian.org/288267 O:]

GTK+ based CD mastering and burning program


[http://bugs.debian.org/338691 ITP:]

MIDI rhythm station emulator software


not in WNPP

[http://gplflash.sourceforge.net/ http://gplflash.sourceforge.net/]

a fully Flash 7-compliant replacement for the restrictively licensed [:FlashPlayer:Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player and browser plugin]

[http://bugs.debian.org/icecast-client icecast-client]

[http://bugs.debian.org/279526 O:]

Streaming Mpeg Layer III feeder - deprecated & to be removed.

[http://bugs.debian.org/kino kino]

[http://bugs.debian.org/298106 RFA]

[http://kino.schirmacher.de/ http://kino.schirmacher.de/]

Non-linear editor for Digital Video data


[http://bugs.debian.org/295760 ITP:]


2d animation toolkit - being held up by libming licensing issues, help?


not in WNPP

[http://www.alsa-project.org/~iwai/alsa.html#LatencyTest http://www.alsa-project.org/~iwai/alsa.html#LatencyTest]

Tool to measure kernel latency


[http://bugs.debian.org/247337 ITP]

[http://www.xs4all.nl/~salsaman/lives/ http://www.xs4all.nl/~salsaman/lives/]

LiVES is the Linux Video Editing System

[http://bugs.debian.org/mctools-lite mctools-lite]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352538 O:]

A CD player and audio mixer for X


not in WNPP

[http://midicomp.opensrc.org/ http://midicomp.opensrc.org/]

utility to "compile" and "decompile" midi files from/to text files

[http://bugs.debian.org/music123 music123]

[http://bugs.debian.org/285163 O:]

A command-line shell for sound-file players

[http://bugs.debian.org/nas nas]

[http://bugs.debian.org/354174 RFH:]

The Network Audio System


not in WNPP

[http://www.nongnu.org/om-synth/ http://www.nongnu.org/om-synth/]

modular synthesizer for GNU/Linux audio systems using the Jack audio server and LADSPA or DSSI plugins


[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=282644 RFP]

[http://quitte.de/dsp/pvoc.html http://quitte.de/dsp/pvoc.html]

LADSPA plugins and command line utilities for time stretching/pitch shifting


[http://bugs.debian.org/280576 ITP:]


A LinuxSampler Qt GUI Interface

[http://bugs.debian.org/rawrec rawrec]

[http://bugs.debian.org/288215 O:]

Buffered raw audio recorder/player - looks dead.


not in WNPP

[http://www.salemradiolabs.com/rivendell/ http://www.salemradiolabs.com/rivendell/]

complete radio broadcast automation solution

[http://bugs.debian.org/rosegarden2 rosegarden2]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352537 O:]

An integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor - no longer in development, to be removed?

[http://bugs.debian.org/rosegarden4 rosegarden4]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352541 ITA:]

music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer - being adopted.

[http://bugs.debian.org/rosegarden rosegarden]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352543 O:]

An integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor, will be adapted to rosegarden4


[http://bugs.debian.org/307786 ITP:]

Startup script for realtime-preempt enabled kernels


not in WNPP

[http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/ http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/]

a midi event triggered real time synth for Linux

[http://bugs.debian.org/sfront sfront]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352542 O:]

MPEG 4 Structured Audio decoder

[http://bugs.debian.org/slimp3 slimp3]

[http://bugs.debian.org/303617 ITA:]

MPEG Layer III Streaming Server

[http://bugs.debian.org/soundgrab soundgrab]

[http://bugs.debian.org/288216 O:]

play a raw audio file and interactively select and save pieces - looks dead.

[http://bugs.debian.org/sound-recorder sound-recorder]

[http://bugs.debian.org/288211 O:]

Direct-to-disk recording and play-back programs. - looks dead.

[http://bugs.debian.org/tapiir tapiir]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352539 O:]

A tool for real time audio delay and feedback effects

[http://bugs.debian.org/volume.app volume.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/274281 ITA:][http://bugs.debian.org/304826 merged with 304826]

A dockapp enabling easy control of the volume level - looks like it's been adopted.

[http://bugs.debian.org/vstream vstream]

[http://bugs.debian.org/349197 O:]

bttv video capture utility aimed at making MPEGs - no longer developed upstream.


not in WNPP

[http://artemiolabs.com/software/wasp/ http://artemiolabs.com/software/wasp/]

LADSPA plugins


[http://bugs.debian.org/282456 ITP:]


Takes a wave file and break it up into multiple wave files

[http://bugs.debian.org/xfonts-artwiz xfonts-artwiz]

[http://bugs.debian.org/344396 O:]

Artwiz X11 fonts - no longer work with Xorg


not in WNPP

[http://delysid.org/yatm.html http://delysid.org/yatm.html]

Ogg and mp3 player with time stretching capabilities

[http://bugs.debian.org/zinf zinf]

[http://bugs.debian.org/328956 RFA:]

Extensible, cross-platform audio player - Upstream may be dead?


not in WNPP


OPL2 and OPL3 patch editor