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{{{ This page contains information already on other pages. Help is welcome to remove the duplicate parts, and to update or remove the obsolete parts. No need to ask before editing. }}}

This page thanks to great work from ["?TimHall"], shamelessly re-used by dancerj, updated by ["billitch"].

Packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team

Here you can find a list of packages maintained by the Debian Multimedia Team:


All source packages are kept in the [http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/demudi demudi SVN project], please have a look at the [http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/demudi/README?op=file&rev=0&sc=0 README] for further information.

How to help with packaging

The DeMuDi (Debian Multimedia Distribution) project needs help to create new Debian packages and maintain the existing ones. If you want to contribute to this effort, but you are new to the Debian packaging systems, here follows some information to get you started.


Lists of packages and applications

Key to status column

  • O - The package has been ‘Orphaned’. It needs a new maintainer as soon as possible. If the package has a Priority higher or equal to standard, the severity should be set to important.

  • RFA - This is a ‘Request for Adoption’. Due to lack of time, resources, interest or something similar, the current maintainer is asking for someone else to maintain this package. They will maintain it in the meantime, but perhaps not in the best possible way. In short: the package needs a new maintainer.

  • RFH - This is a ‘Request For Help’. The current maintainer wants to continue to maintain this package, but they need some help to do this, because their time is limited or the package is quite big and needs several maintainers.

  • ITP - This is an ‘Intent To Package’. Please submit a package description along with copyright and URL in such a report.

  • RFP - This is a ‘Request For Package’. Someone has found an interesting piece of software and would like someone else to maintain it for Debian. Please submit a package description along with copyright and URL in such a report.

  • not in WNPP - That's because you haven't submitted an RFP for it yet (see above).

You can click on the links in this column to bring up the full bug reports.

Audio and multimedia applications which need help

The table below could be better managed through BTS's user tags. This would allow syncing this info with the current one in BTS without duplicated work. This page is currently generated using a semi-automated process. I have separated the packages into two lists - the first is packages that have not made it into Debian, the second contains Debian packages which require help or adoption.






[http://bugs.debian.org/397254 RFP:]

Convert almost any movie type to a format (3gp/mp4) for mobile phones


[http://bugs.debian.org/203211 RFP:]

a video editing software


not in WNPP


video codec that provides general-purpose video compression and decompression tools comparable with state-of-the-art systems - package available


[http://bugs.debian.org/346583 RFA:]

Drivers for DXR3/Hollywood+ decoder cards


[http://bugs.debian.org/294389 ITP:] [http://bugs.debian.org/390655 ITP:]

Image Blending to panorama with multiresolution splines


not in WNPP

[http://gplflash.sourceforge.net/ http://gplflash.sourceforge.net/]

a fully Flash 7-compliant replacement for the restrictively licensed [:FlashPlayer:Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player and browser plugin]


not in WNPP


modular audio processing system for GNU/Linux audio systems using the Jack audio server and LV2, LADSPA or DSSI plugins. In process of being Orphaned / RFP'd


[http://bugs.debian.org/423089 ITP:]

C++ version of jackd for multi-processor machines


not in WNPP


Tool to measure kernel latency


[http://bugs.debian.org/247337 RFP:]


LiVES is the Linux Video Editing System - packages in debian-multimedia


not in WNPP

[http://midicomp.opensrc.org/ http://midicomp.opensrc.org/]

utility to "compile" and "decompile" midi files from/to text files


[http://bugs.debian.org/311367 RFP:]

complete PVR system with plugin support


not in WNPP


OPL2 and OPL3 patch editor


[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=282644 RFP] Closed


LADSPA plugins and command line utilities for time stretching/pitch shifting


[http://bugs.debian.org/280576 ITP:]

A ?LinuxSampler Qt GUI Interface


not in WNPP


complete radio broadcast automation solution


[http://bugs.debian.org/307786 ITP:]

Startup script for realtime-preempt enabled kernels - package available


not in WNPP

[http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/ http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/]

a midi event triggered real time synth for Linux


[http://bugs.debian.org/303617 ITP:]

MPEG Layer III Streaming Server (slimp3 re-brand)


not in WNPP

LADSPA plugins


[http://bugs.debian.org/282456 ITP:]


Takes a wave file and break it up into multiple wave files - package in debian-multimedia


not in WNPP

[http://delysid.org/yatm.html http://delysid.org/yatm.html]

Ogg and mp3 player with time stretching capabilities

[http://bugs.debian.org/aumix aumix]

[http://bugs.debian.org/452826 ITA:]

Simple text-based mixer control program - Popcon users: 833

[http://bugs.debian.org/burn burn]

[http://bugs.debian.org/451712 O:]

Command line Data-CD, Audio-CD, ISO-CD, Copy-CD writing tool - Popcon users: 90

[http://bugs.debian.org/camstream camstream]

[http://bugs.debian.org/390840 ITA:]

Collection of tools for webcams and - Popcon users: 195

[http://bugs.debian.org/cdrskin cdrskin]

[http://bugs.debian.org/450873 RFH:]

command line CD-R/CD-RW writing tool - Popcon users: 105

[http://bugs.debian.org/cdtool cdtool]

[http://bugs.debian.org/419334 RFA:]

text-based audio CD player and CD-ROM control commands - Popcon users: 236

[http://bugs.debian.org/cfourcc cfourcc]

[http://bugs.debian.org/425242 O:]

Command line tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files - Popcon users: 24

[http://bugs.debian.org/cynthiune.app cynthiune.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/454457 O:]

A free software and romantic music player for GNUstep - Popcon users: 38

[http://bugs.debian.org/ecawave ecawave]

[http://bugs.debian.org/431141 O:]

graphical audio file editor - Popcon users: 63

[http://bugs.debian.org/falconseye falconseye]

[http://bugs.debian.org/320075 O:]

A port of ?NetHack using SDL - Popcon users: 45

[http://bugs.debian.org/flite flite]

[http://bugs.debian.org/428168 RFA:]

A small run-time speech synthesis engine - Popcon users: 88

[http://bugs.debian.org/galrey galrey]

[http://bugs.debian.org/451713 O:]

Command line image gallery generator. It also makes thumbnails - Popcon users: 34

[http://bugs.debian.org/gamix gamix]

[http://bugs.debian.org/370080 ITA:]

Graphical sound mixer for ALSA - Popcon users: 141

[http://bugs.debian.org/gimp-gap gimp-gap]

[http://bugs.debian.org/448297 RFA:]

The GIMP Animation Package - Popcon users: 0

[http://bugs.debian.org/gjay gjay]

[http://bugs.debian.org/439383 RFA:]

an automatic and learning DJ for xmms - Popcon users: 30

[http://bugs.debian.org/gkrellmss gkrellmss]

[http://bugs.debian.org/438730 O:]

Plugin for GKrellM that has a VU meter and a chart - Popcon users: 0

[http://bugs.debian.org/gmod gmod]

[http://bugs.debian.org/141693 RFA:]

Module player for Ultrasound and SB AWE soundcards - Popcon users: 9

[http://bugs.debian.org/gnump3d gnump3d]

[http://bugs.debian.org/390295 ITA:]

A streaming server for MP3 and OGG files - Popcon users: 250

[http://bugs.debian.org/gsumi gsumi]

[http://bugs.debian.org/158470 O:] [http://bugs.debian.org/357870 O:]

pressure sensitive "ink" drawing - Popcon users: 13

[http://bugs.debian.org/iripdb iripdb]

[http://bugs.debian.org/375010 RFA:]

Generates the DB files for the iRiver iHP-1xx - Popcon users: 5

[http://bugs.debian.org/kguitar kguitar]

[http://bugs.debian.org/439530 O:]

Stringed instrument tablature editor for KDE - Popcon users: 97

[http://bugs.debian.org/kradio kradio]

[http://bugs.debian.org/429873 RFA:]

Comfortable Radio Application for KDE - Popcon users: 85

[http://bugs.debian.org/krecord krecord]

[http://bugs.debian.org/379252 ITA:]

KDE sound recorder - Popcon users: 127

[http://bugs.debian.org/lineakd lineakd]

[http://bugs.debian.org/393174 O:]

Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards - Popcon users: 201

[http://bugs.debian.org/lxmusserv lxmusserv]

[http://bugs.debian.org/434101 O:]

Linux music server for Doom and Heretic - Popcon users: 58

[http://bugs.debian.org/madman madman]

[http://bugs.debian.org/384397 O:]

An advanced music manager application - Popcon users: 31

[http://bugs.debian.org/mcdp mcdp]

[http://bugs.debian.org/439053 O:]

Small console cd player - Popcon users: 14

[http://bugs.debian.org/mctools-lite mctools-lite]

[http://bugs.debian.org/352538 O:]

A CD player and audio mixer for X - Popcon users: 38

[http://bugs.debian.org/metamail metamail]

[http://bugs.debian.org/274451 O:]

An implementation of MIME - Popcon users: 732

[http://bugs.debian.org/motion motion]

[http://bugs.debian.org/445750 ITA:]

V4L capture program supporting motion detection - Popcon users: 165

[http://bugs.debian.org/mpdcon.app mpdcon.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/452253 ITA:]

MPD controller for GNUstep - Popcon users: 26

[http://bugs.debian.org/nas nas]

[http://bugs.debian.org/354174 RFH:]

The Network Audio System - Popcon users: 137

[http://bugs.debian.org/om om]

[http://bugs.debian.org/447066 O:]

a realtime modular synthesizer and effects processor - Popcon users: 37

[http://bugs.debian.org/pic2fig pic2fig]

[http://bugs.debian.org/354627 O:]

Convert PIC drawings to FIG drawings - Popcon users: 28

[http://bugs.debian.org/poe.app poe.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/450489 ITA:]

Vorbis comment editor - Popcon users: 27

[http://bugs.debian.org/preview.app preview.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/454450 O:]

General purpose image viewer for GNUstep - Popcon users: 61

[http://bugs.debian.org/prokyon3 prokyon3]

[http://bugs.debian.org/430431 RFA:]

A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor - Popcon users: 26

[http://bugs.debian.org/pydance-music pydance-music]

[http://bugs.debian.org/388360 O:]

Songs and step patterns for pydance - Popcon users: 40

[http://bugs.debian.org/pydance pydance]

[http://bugs.debian.org/388361 O:]

dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades - Popcon users: 40

[http://bugs.debian.org/pythoncad pythoncad]

[http://bugs.debian.org/439159 O:] [http://bugs.debian.org/439160 O:]

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program - Popcon users: 50

[http://bugs.debian.org/python-oss python-oss]

[http://bugs.debian.org/440783 O:]

Open Sound System (OSS) interface for Python - Popcon users: 0

[http://bugs.debian.org/qliss3d qliss3d]

[http://bugs.debian.org/libsaxon8-java kalgebra]

- Popcon users: 21

[http://bugs.debian.org/quiteinsane quiteinsane]

[http://bugs.debian.org/390837 O:]

A Qt based X11 frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) - Popcon users: 127

[http://bugs.debian.org/reppu reppu]

[http://bugs.debian.org/280028 O:]

A network render program for blender - Popcon users: 11

[http://bugs.debian.org/slimp3 slimp3]

[http://bugs.debian.org/303617 O:]

MPEG Layer III Streaming Server - Popcon users: 35

[http://bugs.debian.org/smpeg-xmms smpeg-xmms]

[http://bugs.debian.org/434102 O:]

SDL MPEG Player Library - XMMS plugin - Popcon users: 0

[http://bugs.debian.org/tapiir tapiir]

[http://bugs.debian.org/wmget mctools-lite]

- Popcon users: 25

[http://bugs.debian.org/tkpaint tkpaint]

[http://bugs.debian.org/312841 ITA:]

Versatile bitmap/pixmap editing tool - Popcon users: 23

[http://bugs.debian.org/transcriber transcriber]

[http://bugs.debian.org/406133 O:]

Transcribe speech data using an integrated editor - Popcon users: 24

[http://bugs.debian.org/volume.app volume.app]

[http://bugs.debian.org/274281 O:] [http://bugs.debian.org/304826 O:]

A dockapp enabling easy control of the volume level - Popcon users: 30

[http://bugs.debian.org/wmscope wmscope]

[http://bugs.debian.org/400945 O:]

Graphical representation of sound waves in a dockapp - Popcon users: 14

[http://bugs.debian.org/workbone workbone]

[http://bugs.debian.org/429178 O:]

A simple text-based CD player - Popcon users: 24

[http://bugs.debian.org/xli xli]

[http://bugs.debian.org/431760 O:]

command line tool for viewing images in X11 - Popcon users: 834

[http://bugs.debian.org/xmms-fmradio xmms-fmradio]

[http://bugs.debian.org/390991 RFA:]

FM Radio input plugin for XMMS - Popcon users: 0

[http://bugs.debian.org/xmms-kjofol xmms-kjofol]

[http://bugs.debian.org/398123 O:]

XMMS remote that uses K-Jofol's skins - Popcon users: 105

[http://bugs.debian.org/xmms-midi xmms-midi]

[http://bugs.debian.org/432055 O:] [http://bugs.debian.org/python-google chmdeco]

MIDI plugin for XMMS - Popcon users: 39

Work in progress : We're checking all the WNPP bugs and updating infos on this page, last update: 24/01/08 -- ["?TimHall"]

  • -- ["billitch"]