This page refers to the out-dated Debian menu system. It should probably be removed.

This page discusses a suggestion to improve the Debian menu system.

When you working with proaudio on Linux, you work often the 'one-task-one-tool' way. This means you have to install a lot of proaudio software for recording, midi, synths etc. etc. This has as side effect that you end up with a very long list in your application menu, which gives a cluttered view.

This is an example of how such a menu might look like at this moment (Ubuntu here):

It would be nice if this was looking like this instead:

The suggestion is to improve this situation by changing the Debian menu system by adding new categories to the application menu.

1) Make a special application menu entry for multimedia (for consumer | desktop audio tools):

2) Make extra entries in the Sound&Video menu entry (for pro audio and video tools), for example:

Applications/Sound & Video

Other possibilities

This is a suggestion, you can also think of extra entries or other names like:


To change this situation we have to add new categories to the Debian applications menu and add little changes to the Desktop files of the packages, packaged by the ?DebianMultimediaTeam, so that they will be placed in the right menu category of the Debian applications menu.