The software that will be used is Debexpo. current status

Things that seem to work:

Notes: Todo/Feature list

The service is being partly refactored. This page is supposed to collect ideas and features.

Since there is a certain need for software like PPA (personal package archive) the new software will probably be generic and rather serve as a basis for the new site.

Ideas from lists

Threads with some wishlists or discussion about mentors.d.n:

Feature list

(this list may not cover all existing features)

General ideas

Proposed tools, modules and languages

Assets (Database tables)





Repository access

Background magic


Stuff that you would like to see checked automatically (or based on info provided by the maintainer) so you could use it to prioritise packages.

Package maintainer

Package metadata

Source package

Resulting binary package

More ideas


This is a list of people involved in the 3.0 relaunch of the mentors site:

(add your name here)

The git repository is available. Public: read-only. Developers: full read-write with username/password.

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Some documents from the repository need to be included in the above list.