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||<tablewidth="100%"style="border: 0px hidden ;">~-[[DebianWiki/EditorGuide#translation|Translation(s)]]: English - [[it/DebianMentors|Italiano]] -~ ||<style="border: 0px hidden ; text-align: right;"> (!) [[/Discussion|Discussion]] || ~-[[DebianWiki/EditorGuide#translation|Translation(s)]]: English - [[it/DebianMentors|Italiano]] -~
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You can go to [[http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/welcome|mentors.debian.net]] You can go to [[https://mentors.debian.net/|mentors.debian.net]]
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you can subscribe to their [[DebianMailingLists| mailing list]] : http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/ You can subscribe to their [[DebianMailingLists| mailing list]]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/
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you can read the [[DebianMentorsFaq|Debian Mentors Faq]] You can join the [[IRC]] Channel: [[ircs://irc.oftc.net/debian-mentors|#debian-mentors on OFTC]] ([[https://webchat.oftc.net/?channels=debian-mentors|webchat]])

You can read the [[DebianMentorsFaq|Debian Mentors Faq]]

Translation(s): English - Italiano


Debian Mentors are Debian Developers available to sponsor and/or mentor packages in specific areas of Debian.

See also

You can go to mentors.debian.net

You can subscribe to their mailing list: https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/

You can join the IRC Channel: #debian-mentors on OFTC (webchat)

You can read the Debian Mentors Faq

There is a list of mentors