med-bio is a metapackage from the DebianMed DebianPureBlends. It contains the software listed on the tasks page. You might also like to notice the packages for developing biological applications.This page gives some more fine grained structure regarding working fields and popularity contest statistics for the relevant packages.


fastdnaml, njplot, tree-puzzle, phylip, treetool

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Sequence alignment:

blast2, hmmer, exonerate, boxshade, clustalw, seaview, muscle, t-coffee, sim4, sibsim4, arb, dialign, kalign, probcons, wise, amap-align, poa

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r-cran-qtl, fastlink, loki

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garlic, pymol, rasmol, ghemical, gromacs, openbabel, autodock

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ncbi-epcr, ncbi-tools-bin, ncbi-tools-x11, readseq, tigr-glimmer, bugsx, molphy, textopo, gff2aplot, gff2ps, gdpc, mipe, perlprimer, mozilla-biofox, biosquid

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If you know some relevant software, which is not listed at the bio tasks page or the bio-dev tasks page just drop us a note here.