Weekly Video Conferences


These weekly video meetings were started in the Debian Med BioHackathon. The topic is what contributors have done in the past week and to co-ordinate the work for the next week.

Despite the one week of hackathon is over, Covid-19 is certainly not and there are a lot of remaining works to do.

Newcomers are always welcome to join!


The meeting is on the Debian social channel via Jitsi: DebianMedCovid19.

The meeting start every Friday at 18:00 UTC and last for up to an hour.


Reports discussed during the meeting on what contributors have been working on in the past week, as well as their aims for next week.

  1. 2020-06-12

  2. 2020-07-10

  3. 2020-07-17

  4. 2020-07-24

  5. 2020-07-31

  6. 2020-08-07

  7. 2020-09-11

  8. 2020-09-18

  9. 2020-10-17

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